$ 86.01 USD

The ProGuard 4 Wet/Dry Tool Kit offers the versatility you expect from a wet/dry vacuum. This kit comes standard with a master floor tool with inserts for carpet, hard surface or wet pick up, crevice tool, dust brush, claw nozzle and straight/curved extension handles.


Easily tackle smaller messes quickly with these essential tools:
  • Master Floor Tool w/ Inserts - 
    No matter the surface, this tool is your wet/dry cleaning companion with inserts for carpet, hard surfaces and wet pick up.
  • Extension Handles - 
    Curved and straight extension handles add more cleaning versatility.
  • Crevice Tool - 
    Perfect for deep cleaning around corners and tight spaces.
  • 3" Dusting Brush - 
    Gently removes dust and allergens from blinds, lampshades and other delicate surfaces.
  • Claw Nozzle - 
    Clean the interior of cars, trucks and vans with this detail tool.